In a world where the victor gets to be king (王, "Oh"), and loser goes down in history as bandits (賊, "Zoku"), the kingdom of Visto started a large scale military expansion to dominate the continent.

The main character, Zin, was a famous strategist general defending his nation against the invasion, but due to traitors backhome, his nation was eventually conquered. Now, the kingdom of Elt seeks his expertise to help them defend against the Visto army. To Gin, this is a great opportunity for revenge against Visto, and well as a chance to get a kingdom's ransom worth of... women!

Promotional trailer:

(higher quality version available for download from SofthouseChara)

See also

  • SofthouseChara official website. 18 and older only.
    • 05down/king/index.htm - trial version page (scroll to bottom for download)
    • 05down/king/demo.htm - high quality trailer download page

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