Supply Wagon
Rank HP Mov Spd Mor PDef MDef Cost
F 2000 2 15 60 10 0 10
E 2500 2 17 62 10 0 20
D 3000 2 19 64 10 0 25
C 3500 2 21 66 10 0 30
B 4000 2 23 68 10 0 35
A 5000 2 25 70 10 0 40
S 6000 2 27 72 10 0 45


Action skills
Skill Supply Wagon
Brawl F
Scold D
Motivate C
Heal F
Great Heal D
Emergency Heal B

Passive skills
Skill Supply Wagon
Godly Sword Stance S
Godly Wall Stance S
Godly Speed Stance S
Charisma with Soldiers B
Charisma with Warriors A
Charisma with Heroes S
Hero's Trick A
Tactician's Trick A
Weakling's Trick F
Iron Will S
Formation of the Knowledged B
Formation of the Wise A
Formation of the Dead S
Formation of the Turtle Shell B
Formation of the Rock Wall A
Formation of the Iron Mountain S
Formation of the White Tiger A
Formation of the Vermilion Bird A
Formation of the Azure Dragon A
Formation of the Black Tortoise A
Formation of the Phoenix S
Formation of the Wind S
Conserver S
Conqueror S
Manager S
Learner C
Researcher A
Tactician S

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