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Population: 259,200,000 (Pop. estimate is pre-invasion)

Oma Ker is a temperate garden world currently in its megafauna stage. The planet's nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere and dextro-amino-acid-based life wasn't particularly attractive to the volus, so they sold the colonization rights to their turian partners.

Oma Ker's spaceports and major roads were blasted into craters by the Reapers, largely immobilizing the population. Its turian defenders are slowly being pushed back by ground forces.

Note: The planet can be scanned for the Volus Intelligence Archives Intel.
Facts about "Oma Ker"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure1.29 Earth Atmospheres +
CapitalSarlik +
Colony Founded1153 +
Day Length25.4 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameOma Ker +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameOma Ker +
NamePageOma Ker +
NamesOma Ker +
Orbital Distance2.0 AU +
Orbital Period2.7 Earth Years +
PageNameOma Ker +
PageTypeElement +
Population259,200,000 +
Radius6,739 km +
Surface Gravity1.03 G +
Surface Temperature289.15 K (16 °C, 60.8 °F, 520.47 °R) +

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