One Must Fall (OMF) is a fighting game series for the IBM PC compatible, programmed by Diversions Entertainment.

One Must Fall

File:Onefall 000.png

The original One Must Fall is a demo created in the wake of the success of Street Fighter II. It features two human fighters who greatly resemble Ryu and Ken as well as the Karate Champ fighters who fight in a single arena. Players can kick, punch, and throw their opponent; both players can also throw high and low fireballs, teleport, and do a special move jumpkick. The game was never commercially released, as it was considered too repetitive and slow, although on modern computers, the game will typically run many times faster than the original speed. (The game features a Speed option in one of its option menus to offset this problem.) This game was featured in several collections of shareware and freeware games.[citation needed]

One Must Fall: 2097


Released in 1994 by Epic MegaGames, One Must Fall: 2097 replaced the human fighters with robots. In-game competitors were connected to a machine which allowed them direct control as well as sensation of their robot counterparts. Eleven robots and ten customizable pilots were available for play, along with five arenas and four tournaments. The pilots vary in strength, speed and endurance, thus the many robot/pilot combinations allow for larger replay value.

One Must Fall: Battlegrounds


Developed by Diversions Entertainment and co-published in December 2003 by Diversions Publishing and Trisynergy Inc. following nearly 7 years of development, One Must Fall: Battlegrounds brought the One Must Fall series into a second installment released in an age where the gaming world expected graphics and gameplay in three dimensions with internet gameplay an integral portion of the offering.

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