Operation: Inner Space is a PC game released in 1994 by Software Dynamics for Windows computers. The shareware version is a 14-day trial with most features enabled. After 14 days, many of these features are disabled (for example, saving or loading games), and the player can only use one ship. Registration not only prevents this, but enables a new feature the Ship Factory, which allows the player to make and customize ships. A near-full shareware edition was distributed as part of the cover CD in Issue 8 of Computer Life magazine (December 1995).

Game storyline

The Inner Demon and its viruses have invaded the player's computer and infected its icons. Then the Inner Demon set up a lair in a black hole which changes position. Guarding this lair are 4 dragons each holding one of the Inner Demon's powers. Using a little spaceship, the player goes into the computer's "Inner Space" to collect the uninfected icons and stop the Inner Demon, while simultaneously improving his ship and maintaining relationships with the population of Inner Space.


There are 8 teams: the Avengers, Pirates, Predators, Enforcers, Renegades, Fuzzy Ones, Knights, and the Speed Demons.

You can play as any ship from any team, except the Enforcers who only police the many levels as bots.

Quoted from the game's manual:

Avengers This team likes to gain resources and will fight if the odds favour them, or if vengeance is called for. Otherwise, they avoid conflict and keep to themselves.
Predators Fighting is a way of life for this team. They are also interested in resources, but they find the call of battle hard to resist. Their determination makes them good allies, but tough opponents.
Fuzzy Ones The members of this team are non-violent by nature but will attack if provoked. They are more of a nuisance than a threat, but you do not want them as enemies, since they are good at annoying others and are hard to kill.
Pirates These free-spirited outlaws do their own thing and make a point of opposing the law. They would rather loot others than make gains on their own and enjoy fighting. However, if the odds turn against them, they are quick to retreat.
Knights This is a proud and tightly-knit team of honorable ships. They are great allies because they are always ready to help a friend. They usually don't kill opponents, just subdue them into submission.
Speed Demons This team has a need for speed! They are apathetic to the troubles of others but support each other. They are hard to hit due to their superior performance.
Renegades These renegades have no regard for others and enjoy destroying things. They kill icons and randomly attack objects for the fun of it. They usually won't help others or even their own teammates. Avoid conflict with these loners!
Enforcers This team patrols Inner Space, looking for anyone breaking the law. Offenders may be warned, attacked, and made to pay for their crimes if caught in the act. This team is the best-armed, so tangle with them at your own risk!

Levels of ships for enforcers:

Patrol Class Enforcers If they see crimes being committed, they warn the offender and call in an Interceptor if an arrest should be made. (i.e. Constable, Patrolman)
Intercept Class Enforcers They are tough, well armed, and fast. They will try to handcuff the offender and take him out the gate to the Hall of Justice. (i.e. Interceptor, Lethal Weapon)
Terminator Class Enforcers If a criminal resists arrest, a Terminator may be called in to destroy them. Terminators have a large array of weapons and heavy armor, but are slow to maneuver. (i.e. Eliminator, Terminator)

The Sequel

Operation: Inner Space 2: Lightning had been a planned sequel, but the publisher canceled the game's development. Software Dynamics, now known as Dynamic Karma, has stated it has no intentions of further game development.[citation needed]

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