Operation: Matriarchy, known in Russia as Velian (Велиан), is a 2005 science fiction first-person shooter computer game developed by Russian game developer MADia Entertainment and published by Buka Entertainment for Microsoft Windows. The game takes place in the same general universe as MADia's other game franchise, Echelon.


In the 24th century mankind has formed itself into the Federation of Earth, and has colonized several other planets. However, around 2350 a mysterious virus ravages the colony planet of Velia, targeting only the females within the population. They are transformed into brutal killing-machines, while the males are enslaved for use as sustenance or as subjects for genetic experiments. Having now evolved into an aggressive hive mind, the Velians turn on the Federation, instigating a brutal war.

The game begins seven years into the conflict, when the player character, Senior Sergeant Paul Armstrong of the Federation, finds himself forced to take on the Velians when they attack his ship.

Unofficial Modifications

Operation: Matriarchy, as released, contained no in-game music.

In August 2007, a fan-made music and sound enhancement mod was released, which added a complete in-game music score and enhanced sound effects. In addition, the story was rewritten.

In September 2009, a second fan-made mod appeared. This offered a complete (optional) translation to German and further changes to the sound effects and music. However, the largest changes were to the visuals, with enhanced lighting and improved versions of many textures and bump maps.

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