Combined Arms


  • Wait for the officer to arrive. When he does, board the jeep.
  • Disembark and drive the trick to pick up the troops. You will then drop them off at an intermediate point where camp will be setup.
  • The officer will ask you and two others to join you on a patrol.

The partol will be near a forest a bit north of the camp. When you disembark the jeep, he will walk through the forest. Watch for the following encounters:

  • When you are almost through the forest, you should see a few Russian solders visible on the hill. They can be engaged at long range.
  • After the soldiers, you will turn back into the forest. There are two Spetz Natz solders hidden and will attack as well.

Once all enemies are eliminated, the armor support will arrive. You will then return to the jeep and then back to camp.


Alert starts off as a relaxation mission, where there's apparently no activity going to happen. However, the lieutenant's jeep gets attacked on route to La Moule.

When the report comes in, you will board an M113 and proceed near grid reference DC64.

The enemy will attack shortly after your squad leaves the M113, and have three groups. These three groups have a slight random composition:

  1. The first group will be hiding behind the tree line, in the direction of the jeep (see image to the right)
  2. The second is usually a lone RPG solder, that usually appears where the APC was destroyed.
  3. A third group will approach from the north, attacking from the trees.

Once enemies in the local area are eliminated, enter the truck to finish the mission.

Montignac must fall

You start the mission west of Montignac, equipped with an M16 + M203. You are part of alpha squad, and when you approach Montignac, Bravo and Charlie squads will also assist.

Alpha squad will attack along the western road, but generally arrives slightly north. From this position, look for the following targets:

  • One or two solders south of the first building.
  • A set of soldiers (including an officer) standing behind a building on the east-west road.
  • A BMP partolling the North-south road.

This mission may be aborted if you Bravo and Charlie squads are wiped out. If they are, you are recalled to the truck for the mission #Strange Meeting. Otherwise, there is an announcement for evacuating Everon.

After the announcement, a truck will pick the squads up. The truck will head to Provins on the route to Morton, but has to stop because of a Russian forces. Look for 2-4 enemies south-west of Provins, and a 4-man squad north-east of Provins.

After the battle, the truck will be destroyed (by a mission trigger), and you will need to wait for a Blackhawk for pickup. This doesn't go well, because it enters combat with a gunship. Your squad then forced to retreat into the forest, starting the more difficult mission #After Montignac.

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