Operation Logic Bomb (怒りの要塞 Ikari no Yōsai?, "The Fortress of Fury") is an overhead action game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System where the player has to liberate a futuristic power plant from monsters that escaped through virtual reality. There are lots of robots and big bosses to fight as the main character liberates his comrades from being trapped inside dimensional errors (sections of reality that are turned into hexes of the virtual world). The game is a sequel to the Game Boy game Fortified Zone and its Japanese-only sequel, Ikari no Yōsai 2, sharing the same Japanese title as the first game.

The player starts out with two basic weapons and gains more as he progresses throughout the game. All of the weapons are essential if the player wishes to beat the game. Enemies include grunts, cannon launcher, giant flying robots, and the extremely low amount of continues (3) allowed.

The game was later re-released as BS Ikari no Yousai on the Super NES's Satellaview system.

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