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Osalri (Covus salarian -- "fire maiden") is a boiling hot dwarf planet close to the G-class star Imir. Too hot for lucrative exploitation, its only satellites are defunct solar arrays destroyed by pirates long ago.

Facts about "Osalri"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure1.86 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length33.4 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameOsalri +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameOsalri +
NamePageOsalri +
NamesOsalri +
Orbital Distance0.6 AU +
Orbital Period0.5 Earth Years +
PageNameOsalri +
PageTypeElement +
Radius2,622 km +
Surface Gravity0.1 G +
Surface Temperature502.15 K (229 °C, 444.2 °F, 903.87 °R) +

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