Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors a hack and slash action game designed by From Software. Otogi 2 was published by Sega and was released for the Xbox in 2003. It was released in the West the following year and is based on the legendary Raikoh, his four generals (Suetake, Kintoki, Tsuna, and Sadamitsu) and their guide, Seimei. Otogi 2 is the sequel to the original Otogi: Myth of Demons and has an evolved style of gameplay.


Players assumed the role of Raikoh Minamoto, the undead warrior charged with the task of vanquishing the demonic infestation that plagued Japan's sacred capital. Continuing where the original left off, Otogi 2 puts players in the role of Raikoh, who is summoned once again to destroy the invading demons. This time however, he's not alone, and with the help of some new allies, Raikoh and his loyal followers will set out to destroy the demons once and for all and prevent darkness from consuming the world.

Otogi FeaturesEdit

Throughout Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors:

  • You can choose to play as one of the six warriors (either Raikoh, Kintoki, Suetake, Sadamitsu, Tsuna, or Seimei).
  • Each character has their own alternative weapons (everyone has three, except for Raikoh having 4) and their own three costumes (that you can unlock).
  • Each character also has their own customizable spells as well, and certain higher level spells that only they can use.
  • There are around 27 story stages, which also includes bonus stages.
  • There is also a series of challenges that you can unlock under Chaos Mode.
  • All menu options remain the same as the first game.

Character listEdit

Main charactersEdit

  • Raikoh
  • Seimei
  • Kintoki
  • Sadamitsu
  • Tsuna
  • Suetake

Enemy characters (usually recurring)Edit

  • Masakado
  • Ghouls
  • Blaze Spiders
  • Spider Demon (Tsuchigumo)
  • Nine-Tailed Fox
  • Mythological Centipedes (Kudara and Adara)
  • The Spider Clan Leader (Chitou)
  • Onibi
  • Blood Skeletons
  • The Crimson King
  • High Priest Jyosei
  • Douman

Character BiographiesEdit

  • Raikoh - The legendary warrior known throughout ages. Raikoh wields a sacred sword passed down throughout many generations, known as the 'Soul Shrine'. When Seimei realized the danger that was opposed to the Holy Orb, she called upon the help of the legendary cunning warrior Raikoh. Raikoh vowed to forever protect the Capital while battling to the end with his four loyal retainers. With a high attack power and the highest magical defense in the game, he is a sturdy warrior with a balanced moveset, jump height and dash distance.
  • Seimei - From the House of Void (Infinity). Seimei wields dual fans which are commonly known as 'Nature's Balance'. Throughout the Capital, Seimei wields the strongest of magic. Seimei acts as the divine instructor to Raikoh along with his retainers throughout the game (like the Princess did in the previous game). Seimei vowed to forever protect the Holy Orb, for the city shall fall if it gets into the hands of the demons. She possesses the highest magical attack and MP value in the game, along with grab moves and the second fastest and longest dash, making her a very defensive character.
  • Kintoki - From the House of Suzaku (Red Phoenix). Kintoki wields a large axe as his main weapon, known as the 'Crimson Axe'. Kintoki, at some point, served under the Imperial Army and fought alongside his old friend, Masakado (the headless warrior). Kintoki is counted among as one of the four retainers under Raikoh, and has vowed to rid the capital of its evil. Kintoki is forced to strike down his old friend, Masakado who has turned evil. Kintoki fighting style is stout and strong, built heavily around his natural resilience. He may be slow, with the shortest jump and dash but have solid hits, along with the highest defense and HP value, along with some powerful grab moves.
  • Sadamitsu - From the House of Genbu (Black Turtle). Sadamitsu wields a scythe as her main weapon, known as Scourge. Sadamitsu was a very brave young girl and even left her home at a very young age to join the military forces at the Capital. After that Sadamitsu became one of the four famed retainers under Raikoh. Sadamitsu wields very powerful magic and excels when it comes to the element of ice. Sadamitsu is known for her swift speed and agile movement, making her a very mobile warrior. Her attack power and magic power are balanced and second lowest HP, but possesses the highest jump and longest dash, along with nice ranged attacks.
  • Tsuna - From the House of Byakko (White Tiger). Tsuna wields a double sided sword named 'Darkness'. Tsuna attained his weapon through merging his sword with his friend's who was slain by the Spider Clan. Tsuna later joined Raikoh becoming yet another one of his four famed retainers. Tsuna carries a very deep hatred towards the Spider Clan and has vowed to destroy every member. His ferocity is matched by few, as he can slay many opponents in a matter of seconds. He has the highest attack power in the game, along with a great radial attack range and good speed, jump and dash, but also the worst defensive values and low HP.
  • Suetake - From the House of Sōryū (Blue Dragon). Seiryu is more commonly used today over Sōryū although they mean the same thing. Suetake possesses strong honor - He gave up his life as a human to fuse his soul with a tree so he could forever protect the Capital. Suetake carries, as his weapon, a large wheel on what you could call his back named the 'Chaos Wheel'. Although this wheel sounds a bit useless, it can whip around Suetake at blinding speed, taking out every enemy unfortunate enough to cross his path. Suetake is counted as one of the most powerful sorcerers of the Capital, and as a very devoted warrior. His magical power is strong as Seimei's, with higher MP, but he moves very slow and has the lowest HP. He also has great ranged attacks, and can jump indefinitely.

The Characters in Real Life and MythologyEdit

The characters in Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors, are based on the Japanese myth of Ooeyama and all lived during the Heian Period in Japan.

  • Abe no Seimei (Seimei) - An onmyoji (someone who practices onmyodo) and a man despite many depictions, including this game's, that present him as a woman (Seimei is also presented as a woman in the survival-horror game Kuon also developed by From Software). Seimei is from the House of the Void, representing onmyodo's usage of the yin and yang (specifically the yin, being darker and feminine as opposed to the lighter and masculine yang) as well as the Japanese five elements' Kū (Void).

Otogi 2 Theme SongEdit

The theme for Otogi 2 is "Voices" performed by DoRe.

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