Overgod is a free old school Shoot 'em up game for Windows, Mac OS X and recently, Linux. It was developed by Linley Henzell in the programming language C based on the game programming library Allegro. It is released as free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The player's ship, of which there are several to choose from, flies in 360 degrees of rotation as seen from a top-down perspective. It can be customized by picking up various colour-cycling power-ups that give different bonuses. The game emphasizes simplicity in graphics and gameplay. Therefore, as a side effect, it has quite low system requirements – a 300 MHz Pentium processor and no special graphics chip are considered plenty.


The game Lacewing that was released in 2006 may be seen as a predecessor.[1][2] Overgod was released in 2008 for DOS and Windows 95. It was then brought to Linux with the help of Michael Faerber and to Mac OS X with help from Peter Hull.

Game elements


Each ship has a special ability different from the others. One fires an extra set of darts backwards, while another recharges its hull strength over time.


Each Power-up is signified by the color and shape. The color signifies which power will be upgraded (for instance, yellow is the primary weapon), and the shape determines in which way (Circles increase number of darts fired at a single time).

Yellow Symbols – Primary Weapon
makes your darts fire more often.
lets you fire extra darts, which do half the damage of your main darts.
makes your darts fly faster.
Green Symbols – Thrusters
increases main thrust, but also adds extra drag while you are accelerating.
lets you turn more quickly.
increases main thrust by a little bit, and also reduces drag all the time.
Red Symbols – Secondary Weapon
increases the damage by about a third.
increases the number of times your weapon fires or the number of submunitions it produces, depending on which weapon you have.
generally increases speed and range, and may affect duration. Increases the destructive radius of exploding weapons.
Blue Symbols – Shields and Armour
adds armour to the outside of your vehicle. You can see how much armour you have by looking at the bottom left of the screen.
lets your vehicle generate a protective shield.
increases the rate at which your shield restores itself.

Special Modes

Purple Mode: When Purple mode is unlocked and selected all spinning symbols remain locked in their starting shape and appear purple. When acquired the purple symbol will randomly choose a color to be and be added on to your ship.

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