Using their Namco licence, Hasbro Interactive made Pac-Man: Adventures In Time, a Pac-Man game for the PC. This game features five gigantic worlds, over forty 3D mazes and internet play. A Dreamcast port was also rumored.


As in the original, the object of each level is to guide Pac-Man through a maze eating up dots, fruit and ghosts. Some levels contain obstacles such as boulders, snakes and cannons. After every few rounds there is a little bonus mini-game where the player can get some extra points.The levels also feature a variety of shapes and features such as cylindrical mazes and pyramids,even walls that allow Pac-Man to walk on vertically. It features events, such as collecting a certain amount of pellets, allowing a new area. The game also includes the ability to see the mini intermission videos that come before a new level and allow for non storyline play on specific levels. It also has the ability to connect over the internet to play multiplayer.


The ghosts have stolen the mysterious magical power pellet known as The Artifact that has kept Pac-Land free from evil. They smashed the pellet and in a mighty explosion of power, the four pieces were scattered across time.

Your challenge, as Pac-Man is to retrieve the four pieces of The Artifact from the ghost-infested worlds and return them to the present. Professor Pac-Man and his unpredictable, hastily constructed Time Machine will help you on your quest.

Pac-Man goes through 4 different time periods, including Prehistoric periods, Ancient Egyptian periods, the Wild West, and Medieval times, eventually obtaining all four pieces of the Artifact, the Time Machine malfunctions, bringing Pac-Man into the future. Professor Pac-Man tells Pac-Man that he needs to find an alternate power source in order to bring him home. Pac-Man finds the Reactor Core, and is transported to the second after the Ghosts broke the Artifact, and destroyed the ghosts, using a laser beam which is on the Artifact.

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