Pac-Man a series of video games produced by Namco. Beginning with the first game, Pac-Man, most games feature the player guiding a character through a maze collecting dots and avoiding ghosts. Some later games broke out of this genre, incorporating platforming and other elements into gameplay.




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  • Pac-Man Crisis (2002)
  • Ms. Pac-Man for Prizes (2004)
  • Pac-Man Casino Card Games Pack (2004)
  • Pac-Man Casino Slots Pack (2004)
  • Pac-Match! (2004)
  • Pac-Man Puzzle (2004)
  • Pac-Man Pinball (2004)
  • Pac-Man Bowling (2004)
  • Pac-Man's Arcade Corner (2005)
  • Pac-Man Pinball 2 (2008)
  • Pac-Man Hold'em Poker (2008)
  • Pac-Match Party (2010)
  • Pac-Man Kart Rally (2010)
  • Pac-Man Reborn (2010)


  • Pac-Man and the Ghosts are key feature in the gameplay of Kick Man.
  • Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and the ghost Blinky are all playable characters in Mario Kart Arcade GP and Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
  • Pac-man and the ghosts are playable characters in Ridge Racer V.
  • The ghosts appear in the secret stage in Wolfenstein 3D.
  • Pac-Man also makes numerous cameos throughout Namco Bandai's Tales series, such as being an ice sculpture in Tales of Symphonia, and being on Jade Curtiss' belt in Tales of the Abyss as well as others.
  • Pac-Man was made into a similar game called Pak-Rat on one of the episodes of iCarly. Players controlled a rat instead of Pac-Man.
  • For the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, Google featured a playable Doodle Pac-Man game. The letters of "Google" formed the maze. The I'm Feeling Lucky button was replaced by an Insert Coin button, which allowed for one- or two-player gaming. In the two-player mode, Ms. Pac-Man appears simultaneously with Pac-Man.


Pac-Man series
Arcade game series
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