Creating pages in general

Before creating a page, please first search to see whether someone has written a similar page. There is a small search box at the top right of the screen that you can use.

Before creating a page, you may wish to browse through Basic Editing to learn about tips such as how to start new paragraphs, how to create sections and subsections, how to create links to other pages, how to bold and italicize text, etc..

Create a new page by using the "Create" Box

There are different forms depending on whether you want to create an opinion page, ask a question, add your blog to the index, or anything else.

Opinion Pages

Go to Create Opinion

Blog Index

Go to Add Blog

Ask a Question

Go to Create Question

Other Pages


Creating a new page by creating a link to it

You can start a new page by creating a link to the new page. Links to new pages are created by inserting
[[New page name]]
into a page and saving it (yes, include the double brackets). For example, typing
into a page and saving it, creates a link to a page titled Xbox. Then, click on the link you just made. The page will open for editing.

If a page with that title has already been created, the link you created will be in blue color signifying there is already information within the page. You can then click on it and wou will be directed to the page where you can edit or add information.

If the page does not yet exist, the link will be in red color. Click on it and you will be taken to an empty text box, where you can begin writing the page.

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