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The Pajama Sam series is a collection of point-and-click children's adventure and puzzle games originally created by Humongous Entertainment.


The young titular character himself, Pajama Sam, is shown having light turquoise hair and skin and wearing a pair of blue footed pajamas and a red cape. Many of Sam's adventures involve him emulating his hero, the comic book superhero Pajama-Man, and seeking to physically conquer his fears and dislikes (e.g. darkness, thunder and lightning, healthy foods) and altruistically help others. Sam is young and a little naive, and obviously has an active imagination. Sam befriends many inanimate objects throughout his adventures, such as a mining cart (No Need to Hide when It's Dark Outside), a wooden boat (NNHIDO), and a piece of broccoli (You Are What You Eat from Your Head to Your Feet). These companions assist him in the games.


Main Adventure Games

Summary of All Games

All games consist of three parts: the tutorial, the actual game, including the side objective, and the credits. The world changes every time a new game is started (even though the main and side objectives stay the same), so it is impossible to explain the complex storyline. The games consist of Pajama Sam finding objects in the world and using them somewhere else. A cut scene is usually played if the right item is used. You may save your progress at any time if you have to stop.

Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside

Pajama Sam, frustrated with his fear of the dark, enters the "Land of Darkness" through his closet, hoping to capture the anthropomorphized Darkness (as happens in his Pajama Man comic). However, upon entering, he is seized by a group of trees acting as customs and has his superhero items confiscated. The game revolves around Sam attempting to retrieve his purple Pajama Sam mask, Signature-Edition, All-Metal Pajama Man Lunch Box (or Portable Bad Guy Containment Unit), and his Illuminator Mark 5 Jr. Flashlight. Also, as a side objective, Sam has to collect pairs of socks scattered throughout the world. If he does, they will all be loaded into a washing machine. Eventually, the washing machine overflows. The voice of Pajama Sam, as with many of the later games, is provided by Pamela Segall.

Note: This game has no known game setup, as Thunder and Lighting and You Are What You Eat do.

Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening

During a scary thunderstorm, Pajama Sam journeys through his attic and up into the clouds to World Wide Weather. While confronting a surprisingly kind Thunder and Lightning, Sam accidentally causes a major malfunction and so is tasked with retrieving several missing important parts, before the CEO and president of WWW, Mother Nature, (an onion,) finds out. The side objective of this game is to find all of the missing puzzle pieces, which will form an amusing picture when they are all collected.

Pajama Sam 3 You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet

After spoiling his dinner with several boxes of cookies in order to get 20 box tops for a Pajama Man action figure with titanic elbow thrust, a group of cookies spring up and lead Sam off to Mop Top Island, where a conflict is taking place between healthy and junk food. To prevent a potential war, Sam searches for the missing delegates for an emergency peace conference. Mop Top Island actually looks like Pajama Sam himself. Also, if Sam finds 20 Chok Amok cookie boxtops he will get the Pajama Man action figure with titanic elbow thrust and you get to see pictures of Sam and the action figure at the end credits

Pajama Sam : Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff

Sam's Pajama Man comic book is lost in a strange world, where he meets a dirty sock and needs to finds clothes to get to Grubby Corners Mall. In this game, Pajama Sam's voice is provided by Elisha Ferguson.

"Junior Arcade" Puzzle Games

Pajama Sam's Sock Works

As he is getting ready for bed, Sam's mother reminds him to sort his socks before going to school the next day. As he falls asleep, he begins to dream about having a machine to do it for him, with moving belts, chutes, and other strange inventions to move differently colored socks into the similarly-colored baskets (which the game plays through).

Pajama Sam's Lost & Found

Sam, while trying to find his misplaced belongings, travels through various lands with characters from past adventures, jumping to grab items floating in mid-air and avoid obstacles.

Other programs

Pajama Sam's One Stop Fun Shop

A printing program that lets children make and print their own creations with the Pajama Sam characters.

Pajama Sam's Games To Play On Any Day

Pajama Sam is bored on a rainy day, so he decides to play a board game, but his favorite one is on the top shelf. Sam attempts to climb up to reach it, but falls back on a pile of other board games and lands in a strange world where he can play 8 classic games and 2 puzzle games. This is the last Pajama Sam game to have Sam's voice provided by Pamela Segall.

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