Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet is an adventure game produced by Humongous Entertainment for the Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Originally released as a Junior Adventure for children ages 3–8, the aim of this game is to get the 5 missing delegates for the meeting to declare happiness between the 6 food groups, with the intent of teaching children about healthy eating. Whenever a player starts the game, the layout is randomized.

In 2001, this game was released on PlayStation.


Just before dinner, Sam is whisked away by his Choc Amok cookies to the fats and sweets party in Mop Top Island. After devouring the huge piece of cake in front of the doorway, Sam decides to finally leave the party saying he doesn't wanna spoil his dinner. The fats and sweets are immediately offended and all agree to throw him in jail. The "healthy boy" must then stay there until his trial set for next month. Sam doesn't have that kind of time since he still must be back in time for dinner. While in the candy-cane prison, Pajama Sam meets Florette who is a broccoli wearing a straw hat. She explains to him why she was locked up and how she needs to make it back in time for the peace delegates conference. (one member of each food group chosen to represent themselves so there will be no war) With his clever wit, Sam is able to free Florette and himself from the sweet's prison. Shortly after escaping, Sam and Florette nearly run into sweet troops. Florette thanks Sam with a kiss and runs back to the food pyramid for the emergency conference. While waiting for the sweet troops to depart, Sam follows Florette to the food pyramid (because that's the only way to go), a huge building. Once Sam enters, he spots his familiar friend Carrot. (from Pajama Sam 1) Carrot explains to Sam that General Beatfoot will declare war unless the conference goes on. Unfortunately, 4 other delegates are missing. Sam needs to locate these other delegates and get them out of trouble (dancing with soda cans, getting stuck on a ledge, being locked in a prize booth, etc.) before the General notices they are missing and declares war. Depending on the game path, Granny Smythe will either be stuck in a caramel pit, or stuck in the middle of a soda can dance. Sam must act quickly in order to rescue the old apple from these ordeals. Chuck Cheddar might be stuck on a ledge or trapped in his hot air balloon. Either way, Sam must either think of a way to cause an avalanche, or figure how many pounds of sand are needed to weigh his balloon down so he can float back to safety. Bean 47 is either mixed up with the other beans or he may be trapped high on a machine part because the other beans are on strike. As for Pierre La Pain, he may be locked in a prizebooth or he may be stuck on top a Ferris wheel. In both cases, Sam must get the ripped, athletic muffins to get on with their exercising at Muscle Beach which controls the Ferris wheel. After all the delegates are rescued, Sam teaches them an important lesson about working together, and about how no food group is better. He tells Pierre and Chuck that you need both cheese and bread in order to make a cheese sandwich which is his favorite food. The game concludes by Florette asking Sam if he can stay to make future plans or if he needs to get home for dinner. Sam completely forgot about dinner! As for the first 2 games Pajama Sam was voiced by Pamela Segall.


  • Pajama Sam (Main Character)
  • Luke Wigglebig (Fats & Sweets Delegate) A snobby lollipop. He is at the conference at the start of the game.
  • Florette (Vegetable Delegate) Probably the most considerate peace delegate. She makes Sam feel shy by kissing him to thanking him often for rescuing her.
  • Chuck Cheddar (Dairy Delegate) He is the Cheese of Adventure! Often in trouble such as being stuck in a hot air balloon or on top a cliff.
  • Granny Smythe (Fruit Delegate) Respect this elder! Granny Smyth (with a 'y' mind you!) is usually 'stuck' in some sort of 'sticky' situation.
  • Pierre Le Pain (Bread & Grain Delegate) He is a French bagguete who is trapped somewhere on Muscle Beach. He is friendly and has a heavy accent.
  • Bean Number 47 (Meat, Nut & Legume Delegate) A friendly bean, grateful for who he is. (After all, none of the other beans get to represent the group!)
  • Balloon Salesman (A Snow Pea - untie his shoelaces) He is cranky, but he will kindly give Pierre a ride to the peace conference after he is rescued.
  • Bean Foreman A kindly workaholic - his office is a mess. He looks just like the other beans except for his mustache.
  • Carrot (Trying to stop General Beetfoot from declaring war) The carrot is back from Pajama Sam 1. Help him find the delegates so he can prevent General Beetfoot from declaring war.
  • Cupcakes - Dot, Star & Cherry (Sunbathers on Muscle Beach) They love to be sketched, although they are too into their tanning time to tell.
  • Deconstruction Workers (You have to pull the whistle to clear them away) They are constantly working or telling Sam to be quiet!
  • General Beetfoot (Carrot is trying to stop him from creating war) A loud and terse General. It's a good thing Carrot is here...
  • Gulp (Give him the right topping for his French fries) Gulp LOVES French fries! Especially with sauce. Actually, that's the only way he will eat them...
  • Jelly Beans (They hate The Kidney Beans) They hate the kidney beans.
  • Kidney Beans (They hate the Jelly Beans) They hate the jelly beans. One of them is Bean 47.
  • Librarian (Get a photo of Sam and you'll get a library card) This crying librarian is always reading her book. She is very into the romance of it all.
  • Mickey Hollandaise(Get his shoes & his pumpkin head) The banana whose not-so-funny jokes are beginning to get him in trouble.
  • Muffins - Bran, Corn & Wheat (Make them do their exercises to free Pierre Le Pain) If they are not working out, they are sketching the cupcakes. If they aren't sketching the cupcakes, they are working out, if they are not working out-you get the picture.
  • Plumbers - Rock, Scissors & Paper (Help them out to get the SUPER Plunger) Friendly plumbers who provide useful information and a plunger. How nice!
  • Selma & Selina Celery (These girls give you an Etiquette & Dance lesson) They are twin sisters. The etiquette lesson is taught at their home in the Foothills.
  • Spinkle (This doughnut helps you get to your destinations) She is 'sweet' and very friendly - she'll take you all over!
  • Syllabus the Sage (The wise fortune cookie) He's very wise, but he still can't figure out these three cheese-related questions.
  • Taylor & Pierce (These 2 knucklehead guards will let you in if you look anything like a gourd) Don't be fooled. They are both very stupid.
  • Tom Rutabaga - Otherwise known as the Knock-Knock King! He's got a million of 'em - literally! He jokes a lot about doors
  • Zak Zuke (He tells Sam how heavy he is) This cool cucumber is the best weight-guesser on the whole island!
  • Zing & the Soda Cans (They trap Granny Smythe sometimes. Then you convince them to do a quieter dance than the Pogo) Cool pogo dancers. They are very good at learning dances. Who could teach them...?

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