Paladins are the most powerful characters against monsters, boss' and they are good against other characters but not the best if you're using a Hammerdin. You can be a Zealer: attacks fast less damage(good against many monsters), a Smiter: attacks less but stun a lot(good against single end bosses and enemies), Hammerdin: high damage high defence and can't miss when you aim correctly (good for magic finding), a Charger: attacks good and can beat casters in one hit (most of the time), Auradins: using auras to kill and a Foher (Fist of the Heavens) using aura and "foh" to kill his enemys, Mage a FoHer/Hammerdin, Liberator smiter/hammerdin which is excellent for PvP (Player Versus Player). Auradin, Charger and Foher are mostly duelers than PvE (Player Versus Environment). The only thing with them is they need expensive gear but they can help a lot when there in your team. Also they can be a real help when you use them for you own advantage in duels.