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Population (Orbital Stations): 350,000 (Pop. estimates are pre-invasion)

"The only thing on this planet that isn't silver are the turians. It's all too clear they're made of steel." These were Alliance her Jon Grissom's impressions of the turian homeworld Palaven, seen by humans for the first time following the First Contact War. The turians' martial attitude permeates every aspect of Palaven society, from architecture to art to politics. It's no surprise that their homeworld was never occupied by an invading force until now.

The Reapers, aware of their enemy's reputation, brought overwhelming force to Palaven and did not hesitate to bombard cities that resisted--and all of them resisted. The dust and smoke from pulverized cities is now a breathing hazard across much of the planet. Water and power supplied have all but vanished. Still, the fight here has cost the Reapers dearly.

ALLIANCE TRAVEL ADVISORY: Palaven's weak magnetic field means solar radiation levels are greater than those found on other habitable worlds. Human visitors are advised to wear enviro-suits or other radiation protection when visiting Palaven.

Facts about "Palaven"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure1.1 Earth Atmospheres +
CapitalCipritine +
Day Length28.3 Earth Hours +
DisplayNamePalaven +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NamePalaven +
NamePagePalaven +
NamesPalaven +
Orbital Distance1.15 AU +
Orbital Period1.2 Earth Years +
PageNamePalaven +
PageTypeElement +
Population6,100,000,000 +
Radius8,990 km +
Surface Gravity1.14 G +
Surface Temperature304.15 K (31 °C, 87.8 °F, 547.47 °R) +

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