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This page lists the interesting console commands that have any useful effects.

Console Commands

To access the console press ` (the key left of 1), then press [ESC] to remove the Say command.
You can also use [ENTER] instead of the ` key for a single-line version.

Console Commands
Command Description Case Sensitive ?
RECONNECT[1] Reconnect to the current/last server. No
SETRES[1] Set the game resolution. Must be in the format XxY. e.g. "SETRES 1280x800" No
STAT FPS[2] Toggle FPS display No
ToggleComCenter[3] Switches between the ComCenter[4] and normal view.
This works even while in battle.
QUIT[1] Quits the game immediately



You seem tobe able to start the Unreal Editor by appending "editor" to the command line.[5]
(eg: "..\Parabellum Beta\binaries\ParabellumTheGame.exe editor")
However at present it crashes, so maybe it needs more arguments? --©TriMoon™ 11:12, September 8, 2009 (UTC)


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  4. Comunications Center: aka Buddy list, used to chat with friends ingame.

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