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General Gameplay

The current play modes to choose from are:

  1. Team Death Match (TDM)
  2. Search and Destroy
  3. Campaign

Players are on one of the, two possible, teams and attack the other team. The match ends at either the end of the time or point limit. In both cases; The team with the most points (kills) wins.

  • See the Ranks article for the ranks you can advance in, by gaining experience while killing players of the other team or by accomplishing objectives.
  • See the Achievements article for the achievements one can gain while playing.

You can gain Exp and BD[1] for killing players of the opposite team and lose some BD[1] for TK[2] and earn E.P.[3] for winning rounds.

Exp and BD[1] gains as explained by lainACO[4], the Parabellum Game Designer:

In general you don't get XP for killing players, you get XP for playing a game to the end. In TDM you get an amount per round and in the campaign and reinforcement modes you get an award at the end of the match. These awards are modified by the length of the game and whether your team won or lost. It also takes into account team switching based on the amount of time you've spent on the winning side so that if you switched teams so that there's no benefit in switching to the winning team just before the end of the game but if you switch to the losing side to balance things out halfway through you don't get hosed for XP.

There are some ingame XP awards (mostly to do with the personal enemy system) but most of the awards are given at the end of the round in TDM or at the end of the game in other modes. Note that the awards are different for each mode as well - if you play a long reinforcement game you'll get more XP than for a few TDM rounds.

Your primary reward for killing the enemy, achieving team objectives and playing well is Blood Diamonds, XP is more a mark of how much you play rather than how good you are.

I should also add that the XP and BD awards are going to be fairly thoroughly reviewed between now and the live release so expect to see a lot of changes.

Team Death Match

[5] The main game play consists of killing players of the opposite team, as many times as possible.

A notable feature of Parabellum's team deathmatch, like Call of Duty's, is that in contrast to most team deathmatch modes of First-person shooters, where the teams will always spawn in the same place; the spawns change depending on the location of teammates. Thus, it is possible to drive the enemy out of a position and have teammates begin to spawn there; at the same time the enemy will begin to spawn in a different place.

In this mode:

  • Dead players re-spawn with a delay that has been setup at game creation.
  • Players start the match with all weapon-presets available as option to choose from.
  • Players can change weapons using weapon-presets after each death. They can also plan ahead, while playing, to use another weapon-preset in-case they die later on.

This is the most popular game mode because most young First-person shooter-players tend to prefer mindless killing over planning tactics ahead such as accomplishing objectives as teamwork or weapon choice. Some players also prefer this mode to-be able to actually use the weapons they've bought from the start of the match, instead of having to earn the EP[3] to-be able to use said weapons in each individual round. (See: Search and Destroy mode)

Search and Destroy

The main game play consists of fulfilling an objective while killing players of the opposite team. One team needs to plant the C4 at location A or B and prevent it from being defused for a certain time, while the other team needs to defuse the C4 at the planted location before its timer runs out.

After each round members of the winning team earn +1.0 EP[3] and members of the losing team +0.5 EP[3]. You need a minimum of 1.0 EP[3] to-be able to select another weapon preset at each round-start.

In this mode:

  • Dead players stay dead until the end of round.
  • Players start the match with only the option of a pistol.
  • Players can change weapons using weapon-presets after each death, if they have enough EP[3]. They can also plan ahead, while playing, to use another weapon-preset in-case they die later on.


Until we get our own explanation on this wiki (if ever);
For an excellent explanation of this game-mode see the official guide by the Game Designer Iain.: Parabellum Campaign Guide @ PB-website.

In short this game mode is a concatenation of several "Search and Destroy" sessions, which lets you travel a path of maps according to the spot of the accomplished objective.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Blood-Diamonds are the ingame currency used to buy items.
  2. TK stands for "Team Killer". See: wikipedia:Team killing
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 E.P. or EP in short, stands for "Equipment Points" that the player earns when his/her team wins a round.
  4. Info taken from:
  5. Text inspired upon Call_of_Duty's Team_Deathmatch

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