The player can use a parachute as a means of transport.

Optional effects

  • The parachute is retractable.
  • The parachute can be deployed from atop a fast moving object, such as a vehicle.


  • In the 1997 game MDK [1], the main character can use a retractable parachute made of ribbons.
  • In the 2006 game Just Cause and its 2010 successor Just Cause 2, the parachute is an important means of transport. In Just Cause, it can be indefinitely reused, even opened and closed (retracted) multiple times while in the air. It can not only be deployed while in the air but also from atop a fast moving vehicle, such as a car, ship or plane, or when using a grappling hook on a vehicle.


To date, retractable parachutes have only been used on vehicles. No parachute is known that is intended for use on a human and can be automatically retracted while in the air.

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