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Paradise is a 2006 computer adventure game by White Birds Productions, a company formed by Benoît Sokal, who was also responsible for the adventure games Amerzone, Syberia, Syberia II, and Sinking Island. The game is based on a novel by Benoît Sokal.

The game, like many classic point-and-click adventure games, is viewed from a third-person perspective and is mouse-driven, with the player clicking on locations for the main character to move to and objects to examine or pick up, among other actions.

The central protagonist of Paradise is a young woman called Ann Smith, the daughter of King Rodon, the dictator of the fictional African country of Maurania. Ann is in Europe when she hears that her father is seriously ill, but while she is en route to see him, her aircraft is shot down by rebels. She is rescued, but when she regains consciousness she cannot remember her identity or what she is doing in Africa.

Nintendo DS and iOS versions

On June 18, 2008 Focus Home Interactive announced that with White Bird Productions they would be remaking the game Paradise for the Nintendo DS in Europe on November 14, 2008,[1] as well as renaming the title Last King of Africa.[2]

Also, an iOS version of that game was released for the United States as Episode I: Madargani on July 6, 2010,[3] followed by Episode II: Deep Maurania on August 3, 2011.[4]

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ContentTypeVideo Game +
DesignerBenoît Sokal +
DeveloperWhite Birds Productions +
DisplayNameParadise +
European Microsoft Windows Release21 April 2006 +
European Nintendo DS Release14 November 2008 +
European Release21 April 2006 + and 14 November 2008 +
FeaturesSingle-player +
GameCatVideo Game +
GenreAdventure +
IOS Release6 July 2010 + and 4 August 2011 +
InputKeyboard + and Mouse +
MediaCD-ROM + and DVD-ROM +
Microsoft Windows Release21 April 2006 + and 25 April 2005 +
NameParadise +
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NamesParadise +
Nintendo DS Release14 November 2008 +
North American Microsoft Windows Release25 April 2005 +
North American Release25 April 2005 +, 6 July 2010 + and 4 August 2011 +
North American iOS Release6 July 2010 + and 4 August 2011 +
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RegionEurope + and North America +
StatusReleased +
Year2006 +, 2008 +, 2005 +, 2010 + and 2011 +

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