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This lengthy sheet of aged and yellowed parchment contains several complex drawings annotated in a strange language. The impression one gets at a glance is that the contents involve some form of necromantic ritual.

On the reverse side is written the following:

"Sisters of the night,

"If falls on you to see the ritual through that will provide Baram with the army he requires. The akhamic ritual will infuse the bones of the long-buried with the spirits of the mourned and form a powerful mummy construct. Baram should be pleased with the results.

"SO long as you read the words of the ritual, you will be protected from harm. Allow nothing to distract to distract you. Ensure that the skeletal priests continue their worship unhindered and that the tablets remain intact or your ritual will be worthless.

"Success will bring you great status within the new order, so you are promised."

It is signed with one name: "Maugrim."

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