Paris 1313 is a video game released in 2001, developed by Dramaera and is a co-production between Canal+ Multimedia, RMN and Microïds. The Musée National du Moyen Age, (National Museum of the Muddle Ages) contributed to the game.

The game is, as the title describes, set in the year 1313 in Paris, France. During celebrations in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Adam, a goldsmith working on behalf of the king, mysteriously disappears. The player assumes the roles of three characters who set off in search of Adam; Jacques, his brother, actress Rosemonde, and circus-rider Pierre de Cinnq-Ormes.

Each character must assist each other, avoid all the traps and find all the clues in time. Other elements of the game are participating in an archery contest, and navigating the taverns of Paris to gather information.

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