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Patavig is the second of the Macedon system's giant terrestrial planets, and by far the more interesting. Most of the surface is covered by a vast sea of liquid ammonia, in which a unique ammonia-based biosphere has developed. While the frozen continents are largely bereft of life, a rich bounty of complex organisms - many large than a human - flourish in the chilly, toxic seas.

While dreadfully inhospitable to humans, Patavig is suitable for colonization by the volus. Negotiations between the Systems Alliance and the volus' patrons, the Turian Hierarchy, have made good progress.

Facts about "Patavig"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure22.4 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length30.4 Earth Hours +
DisplayNamePatavig +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect +
NamePatavig +
NamePagePatavig +
NamesPatavig +
Orbital Distance11.3 AU +
Orbital Period69.8 Earth Years +
PageNamePatavig +
PageTypeElement +
Radius10,529 km +
Surface Gravity1.6 G +
Surface Temperature143.15 K (-130 °C, -202 °F, 257.67 °R) +

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