Peregrine Island

Portal Court, home of Portal Corp.

Official NamePeregrine Island
Level Range40-50
Zone TypeCity
Area4.22 square miles
Arena Access?Yes
Task Force
Strike Force
Hero Corp Field Analyst-1500, 0, -3444
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events
Monster SpawnsNumerous giant Devouring Earth monsters.
TransportationFerry to Talos Island, Portal to Shadow Shard, Portal to Rikti Crash Site
Hero Groups
Villain Groups* Rikti
* Nemesis
* Circle of Thorns
* Carnies
* Malta
* Devouring Earth
* Crey
Contacts* Tina Macintyre
* Harvey Maylor
* Crimson
* Unai Kemen
* Maria Jenkins
* Ghost Falcon (Special Vendor, all origins)
Districts* Bayside Docks
* Poseidon Square
* Portal Court
* Mera Heights
* Nelson Borough
* Curry Cove
* Cutlass Isles ("Monkey Island")
* Tempest Quay ("Monster Island")
Exploration Badges* Portal Parter: 3045, 0, 1289
History Plaques* Academic Plaque 1: 1904, 4, -7229, Pedestal
Connected Zones


Peregrine Island is the major high-level zone for City of Heroes, with the Rikti Crash Site and Shadow Shards being rarely visited. Given that it is an island, and therefore with limited land space, this makes it often a crowded place to be. It is the home of Portal Corp, which has many missions to alternate universes, as well as an Arena. It's also the only place one can hunt Malta Operatives and Carnies out in the open.

Interesting diversions in the area include "Monster Island", filled with gigantic Devouring Earth monsters, and "Monkey Island", covered in Rikti monkeys, both to the north of the main island.

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