Phantagram (Korean: 판타그램) is a video game development studio based in South Korea. It is mainly known for its popular Xbox game series Kingdom Under Fire. Phantagram also co-developed the fantasy/strategy action game Ninety-Nine Nights with Q Entertainment, for the Xbox 360. It also published Phantom Crash for the Xbox, which was developed by the Japanese company Genki.


Phantagram was founded 1994 by a group of teenagers. Having been students, they have been developing video games since 1997, mostly for the popular MSX computer, such as Double Dragon and TDS. In the mid-90's, the company became the first-generation developers in Korea.

Under their new slogan in 2000, Phantagram released their first game, Kingdom Under Fire: War of Heroes. It became a success worldwide, including in Korea. A series was later created.

"Present and Future - Representing the most talented and dynamic gaming industry in the world, Phantagram aims to lead Korea into a brighter future."

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