Piata - Motavia Academy

When you first get control of the character, you will need to find Alys. She is located to the left, in the corridor. You will need to go the back to reach the principal that commissioned the mission. About one month ago, monsters appeared in the academy, making the basement their headquarters. Since then, he hasn't allowed people to leave town.

As you can determine from the briefing, other civilians will mention that there's monsters within the basement, and that the principal is scared of something (and isn't comfortable with questions about it). Head to the basement, where you will meet Hahn.

In the basement, you can find Monomate, and 100 Meseta on the first floor, and Antidote on the second.

When you reach Igglanova, keep attacking. Alys will take care of the two side enemies since her attack hits two targets at once, and the other two characters can focus on the main target. As long as you follow that pattern, Igglanova will just use Fission to spawn a sub-enemy.

Return to the principal to collect your reward, and learn about the story; it is related to a team sent to Birth Valley to the north-east.


  • Xanafalgue
  • Zoran Bolt
  • Igglanova

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