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Surface Temperature: 496 Celsius (terminator zone)

Pheiros is an asteroid towed near the class-B blue giant Gemmae to serve as a terrestrial military base in a system devoid of planets. A vast alloy of solar collectors absorb energy from the star and beam it to the receptors near the tidally locked asteroid's terminator zone. Beneath the surface, dozens of particle accelerators generate antiprotons for starship fuel.

The Reapers sent a substantial force to Gemmae's system but found that the turians were capable and prepared to defend their armada's fuel source. Warning messages say the reapers are still present in the system, awaiting reinforcements. At present, the turians can still refuel--but only because they committed forces here that could otherwise have defended Palaven.

Note: This planet can be scanned for the Turian 79th Flotilla War Asset.
Facts about "Pheiros"RDF feed
Atmospheric PressureTrace +
Day Length110.2 Earth Hours +
DisplayNamePheiros +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NamePheiros +
NamePagePheiros +
NamesPheiros +
Orbital Distance160.1 AU +
Orbital Period479.2 Earth Years +
PageNamePheiros +
PageTypeElement +
Radius1,401 km +
Surface Gravity0.19 G +
Surface Temperature769.15 K (496 °C, 924.8 °F, 1,384.47 °R) +

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