The Nintendo DS game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, features 5 cases, one of which was created specifically for the DS and does not appear in the Japanese Game Boy Advance version.

The First Turnabout

The game opens up with the purple suited Mr. Sahwit panicking over the body of Cindy Stone, whom he just murdered with a mini statue of The Thinker. He was a common burglar who broke into Cindy Stone's apartment, until she arrived to find him. Mr. Sahwit attacked her with the nearby "statue", and planned to blame Larry Butz, a man he saw at the apartment earlier.

Larry Butz is a loud mouthed, hot headed, but generally good guy that Phoenix Wright grew up with. Because of their connection, Phoenix makes his case the first one he takes up, in an effort to defend his friend. With the help of Mia Fey, another lawyer, they are able to not only defend Mr. Butz, but prove that Mr. Sahwit was the murderer.

The truth came out when Mr. Sahwit was called to the stand as an eyewitness placing Larry at the scene. However, his testimony about whether he entered the apartment, how he knew the time, and when he was at the apartment eventually led to him getting so panicked that he faints on the stand. Larry is exonerated and gives Mia a replica of the statue - which is actually a clock that speaks the time.


Turnabout Sisters

Mia Fey is murdered in her office, just as her younger sister, Maya Fey was supposed to meet her. Maya was supposed to take & hide evidence for Mia, but Mia was killed, and the evidence was stolen. Phoenix finds Maya in the back office where she just recently discovered her sister's body. Across the street in the hotel, a woman (who is later revealed to be named April May) sees them and calls the police. Maya is arrested, as a note (written in Mia's blood) was found next to her with Maya's name on it.

Phoenix knows that Maya's not the killer, and becomes her defense attorney. The prosecutor is Miles Edgeworth, a ruthless man who will do anything to get a "guilty" verdict. This includes forging evidence and making deals with witnesses. He believes that accidentally getting innocent people declared guilty is better than letting a criminal walk free (i.e. Guilty until proven innocent).

Phoenix is able to discredit Miss April May, who gave a contradictory testimony and was forced to admit there was someone else in her room when she saw the "murder" take place. They also discover that Miss May used a wiretap on Mia Fey, in order to get information about her whereabouts. This means there was another witness. After putting it off another day, Phoenix finds that the other man is a CEO of an "information collection" agency, who goes by the name of Redd White. In reality, he wields an enormous amount of power blackmailing judges, politicians, and more with the incriminating information he collects.

Mr. White turns out to be a person from Mia & Maya's past. Their mother (Misty Fey), a psychic of sorts, was used by the police to find the killer in a murder known as the DL-6 Incident. However, Misty points the finger at the wrong person. Through a contact, Redd White reveals to the public that the police relied on a spirit medium for their false arrest. This ruins Misty Fey's life, and discredits her.

Maya Fey, a spirit medium in training herself, is revealed to be able to channel the spirit of her late sister. It turns out Mia was also a spirit medium before she decided to become a defense attorney. The psychic powers run in the family. Oh! Another thing: She tells Phoenix that Redd White killed her, because she was compiling evidence against him & his blackmailing. With her help, not only is Maya's name cleared, but he forces Redd White into a corner where he confesses.

At the end of the trial, Fey & Co becomes Wright & Co., and Maya stays along as an assistant at the request of her sister.


Turnabout Samurai

A murder takes place on the set of a popular kids TV action show, called Steel Samurai. The actor playing the main villain, Jack Hammer, is found dead as a result of a wound in the chest from the spear of the Steel Samurai. The suspect is the actor playing the Steel Samurai, Will Powers. Maya is a huge fan of the show, despite being too old for it, and insists to Phoenix that they help him. His adversary is once again, Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.

Over the course of the trial, they are able to discredit evidence that seemingly proved that Will Powers, in his Steel Samurai suit, went over to kill Jack Hammer. Over the course of several days, it is revealed that Jack Hammer intended on killing the executive producer, Dee Vasquez. Vasquez had been blackmailing Hammer for years, ruining his career. He was going to put an end to it by impersonating Will Powers and killing Vasquez. However, in the struggle, Hammer is skewered on a sharp fence. Vasquez and the director took his body out of the steel samurai costume, burned evidence, and then placed his body in his costume.

In a surprising turn, the end comes when Edgeworth himself points out inconsistencies in his clients testimony. Just when it seems that Vasquez is going to be let go, he objects to buy Phoenix more time. At the end of the trial, he tells Phoenix that he hates him for what he is making him feel.

Turnabout Goodbyes

This chapter opens up with two men on a boat in the middle of a lake. A gun is fired, and one of the men drops into the water. We are shown Miles Edgeworth, alone in a boat, staring at the gun in his hand.

When the word spreads, Phoenix finds out that no defense attorney is willing to take this case. He then takes it upon himself, to be Miles's defense attorney, believing in Edgeworth's basic good nature, and owing Edgeworth a debt from their days in elementary school. This time, since Edgeworth is in the defendant's seat for a change, Phoenix must face off with Manfred Von Karma, a man known for being even more ruthless than Edgeworth, his former pupil, who had never lost a case in his entire career.

Through the case, the mysterious DL-6 incident that changed the life of the Fey family is brought into further light and it is revealed that many years ago, Miles's father Gregory Edgeworth was the victim in that case. Miles had originally wanted to be a defence attorney, just like his dad was a very well known attorney before his death.

To be continued

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