Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations, released in Japan as Gyakuten Saiban 3, is an adventure/visual novel game developed by Capcom for the Nintendo DS video game console. It is the third game in the Ace Attorney - series, and precedes Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS. The original version was released on the Game Boy Advance in Japan.

In the weeks leading up to the announcement, Capcom had launched an official contest to convince “Capcom to bring Ace Attorney 3 to America”. On the day the final winner of the contest was to be revealed, Capcom lifted the embargo on their upcoming titles revealed at their "Capcom's Gamers Day" event, which included Trials and Tribulations.

A DS edition of Gyakuten Saiban 3 was released in Japan on August 23, 2007; as with the previous Japanese DS releases, the game features both Japanese and English text. Trials and Tribulations was released for the DS in the United States on October 23, 2007. It has been reported on Capcom's official message board that the Japanese release's English Translation has many typos. However, a Community Specialist with Capcom stated that " will be quite pleased with the localization effort for the US version, versus the version you imported".

The game was due to be released on March 21, 2008, in Europe - however, the game was not released, as the PEGI 12+ rating had not been confirmed. However, in an interview on the official UK Ace Attorney flash site, Ace Attorney producer Minae Matsukawa confirmed that the game is "in the middle of localising right now" and is "looking to announce a release date in the near future." In the August issue of NGamer magazine, it was rumoured that a suicide scene in the game prevented it from coming over to the DS in Europe, although the facts are unclear. On June 24, 2008, Nintendo of Europe confirmed a European release date of October 3, 2008. This has resulted in the fourth game in the series, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, to be released before it.

This game is possibly the last of the series to feature Phoenix Wright as the main character, (because of the release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney) and through its course it gives more details on the past of important characters such as Mia Fey and Phoenix Wright, while tying up the loose ends on the storyline set up in the previous games.


The gameplay in Trials and Tribulations remains the same as both previous titles, including the use of Psyche-Locks introduced in Justice for All. A minor change is that the player will take on the role of different people other than Phoenix Wright for certain cases within the game, but this does not alter the game mechanics. The game does not use any of the additional investigation techniques that use features of the Nintendo DS as introduced in the first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game's fifth case (created specifically for the DS port).