Pick Pocket allows a character to remove items from another's backpack.

Check: There are two parts to successfully picking a pocket. First, the item must be acquired, and then the targeted creature must not notice the theft. Stealing the item is a simple skill test against the target's DC. The base DC for a neutral or tolerant creature is 20, and 30 for a hostile creature. This roll is modified by armor check penalties. The targeted creature then makes an opposed Spot check against the character's Pick Pocket check. Hostile creatures have a +10 bonus to their Spot checks in this test. If the targeted creature succeeds at this opposed check, then the target has detected the theft's attempt. An NPC who detects the attempt will turn hostile, and a PC will be informed that the character has attempted to use Pick Pocket on him. If the character is successful at both checks, then he steals the item without being detected.

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