The Pictobox is an item in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and it's HD remake. It is an item in which Link can take pictures with. After rescuing Tingle from the jail cell in Windfall Island, there is a hidden cave revealed at the back of the cell. Link can crawl into, and will appear in a great maze. If Link follows the correct path, he'll enter a small alcove that has a chest containing the Pictobox. If you show the Pictobox to the photographer, he'll let you view his private gallery. Eventually, he will ask Link to become his assistant in-which you have to spy on certain townspeople and take their picture. There are also several other townsfolk who respond to Link's photography.

The photographer will eventually remark how Link's pictobox can only take black-and-white photos and informs him of a some sort of "glowing fairy" in Forest Haven that produces the film color to make colored photos (in the HD remake, he gives you an upgraded Pictobox after passing his assistant training).

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