Pillars of Garendall (PoG) is a computer role-playing game that was built by Beenox Studios and Ambrosia Software, using the Coldstone game engine.[1] Among other things, the game-making capabilities of the Coldstone software were confirmed by the building of the PoG game.[1] In the game, Gidolan Keep, the capitol city of the kingdom of Garendall, is being attacked by monsters, and the player must train to eventually defeat them.[4] Demos of the game are available for the Mac OS platform, the Mac OS X platform and the Windows platform[citation needed].

Due to problems with the Coldstone game engine, which render the PoG game unplayable on recent versions of the Mac OS X platform, Ambrosia Software does not sell licenses for the full game anymore.[5] The new management of Beenox Studios is uninterested in fixing these problems with the game engine.[5] Ambrosia Software has stated that they want to fix the Coldstone software, but that they never would have agreed to distribute the project if they had known they would have to provide updates and bug fixes.[6]


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