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Pinball Dreams is a Commodore Amiga game from 1992 developed by Digital Illusions CE. It spawned several sequels, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Dreams 2, Pinball Illusions, Pinball Mania, Pinball World. Dreams, Fantasies and Illusions are the best known, each having come from the same developer, Digital Illusions CE.

Slam Tilt is the very last and advanced Amiga game from the same editor.

The ball moved according to reasonably realistic physics, and the game was restricted to using table elements which would also be possible to build in reality.


Its four tables each had a theme, as do most real life pinball machines. The version of Pinball Dreams bundled with the Amiga 1200 had a bug which rendered most of Beat Box's advanced features non-functional.

  • Ignition, themed around a rocket launch, planets, and space exploration.
  • Steel Wheel, themed around steam trains and the Old West.
    • Similar to the Williams Entertainment designed "Bad Cats" pinball machine.[2]
  • Beat Box, themed around the music industry, featuring charts, bands and tours.
  • Nightmare, themed around a graveyard, ghosts, demons, nightmares and generally evil things. It is similar to the Williams Entertainment designed "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" pinball machine.[3] Unlike the other tables in the game, the name of the table in the menu did not reflect the name displayed on the table itself—Graveyard. Some ports of the game (notably the GameTek port to the Game Boy) name this table "Graveyard" in the menu as well.

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An alternate PC only sequel, Pinball Dreams 2, was released in 1995. It was released by 21st Century Entertainment (like Pinball Dreams) but was developed by Spidersoft.

It included four tables, including

  • Neptune, themed to underwater exploration
  • Safari, themed to an African safari
  • Revenge of the Robot Warriors, themed to a battle against robots
  • Stall turn, themed to aerobatics

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