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  • Head right until you reach the first tunnel. Enter it and head left until you reach the exit. (Leads to scene 246, should have 1 treasure)
  • Contiune left until you see a tunnel entrance with 3 holes and 3 stationary logs. Enter and head left. (Leads to scene 227, should have 2 treasures).
  • From the tunnel exit, head right two screens to collect a treasure. Return left and find a leftward tunnel with one hole and two moving logs. (Leads to 210, should have 3 treasures)
  • Continue left. The next tunnel has 3 rolling logs and one hole. (Leads to 180, should have 8 treasures)
  • Continue left. Next tunnel to take as 3 rolling logs and 3 holes. (Tunnel start @117, Exit @ 93, 19 treasures)
  • Head to the right to collect one treasure. Then, head left to collect until the last tunnel with two rolling logs and 1 hole. (Tunnel start @38, Exit@ 26, 31 treasures).
  • After exiting this tunnel, head right to reach the last treasure.

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