Pixelus is a 2005 video puzzle game released for the PC. A deluxe version was released later in the year. The story follows a young Greek man named Claudius who is shipwrecked and rebuilds temple mosaics in order to gain the favor of the gods.[1] The game takes mechanics from Guru Logi Champ and adds a new look and original puzzles.


The objective of Pixelus is to create specific images on a 16x16 grid using a limited number of tiles. Players must slide tiles across the grid and land them in specific locations to form an image. Areas where tiles must be placed are often not immediately accessible. For this reason, tiles must often be used to block other tiles, then removed and placed in other locations. During gameplay, players may choose to reset the puzzle, go back one move, and receive a hint. Upon completion of a puzzle, players can receive gold, silver, or bronze medals based on how few moves that they were able to complete the puzzle in.


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