Planet Moon Studios is a game development studio based in San Francisco, California founded by ex-Shiny Entertainment developers Nick Bruty (President) and Bob Stevenson (CEO) in 1997. The name of the company is said to be invented by co-founder Scott Guest, who described the founding of the studio as a moment of intense overwhelming joy as "being on the planet "Moon"." [citation needed]

Planet Moon developed the games Giants: Citizen Kabuto (Interplay, 2000),[1] Armed and Dangerous (Lucasarts, 2003) [2] and Infected (Majesco Games, 2005).[3] The games are generally critically acclaimed for both game-play and graphics, and are often lauded for their humour in various reviews.[4]

Recent work

SEGA have contracted Planet Moon to revive a "vintage brand" for them: After Burner for PlayStation Portable. Called After Burner: Black Falcon, it was released on March 20th, 2007 and has a single-player campaign along with competitive and co-operative Wi-Fi multiplayer modes. Planet Moon has injected the game with 19 officially licensed, customizable planes, as players embark on a story-rich campaign to discover the origins of the titular mercenary group Black Falcon, responsible for the theft of 13 top-secret planes.

The company recently released the trivia and party game Smarty Pants for the Wii, which was published by EA. Planet Moon recently released Battle of the Bands published by THQ for the Wii and self-published Booty Blocks on the iPhone.

Games developed by Planet Moon Studios


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