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PlayFlock is a free to play casual social game developer located in Moscow, Russian Federation. They develop browser-based casual games that can be played on social networking platforms such as Vkontakte, Facebook, MoiMir and Odnoklassniki.


PlayFlock was founded in 2009. Their main areas of business are developing and publishing games for social networks. Within half a year they launched more than 10 original game projects on three social platforms: Vkontakte, MoiMir and Facebook. Company employs more than 20 highly experienced in game development for social networking sites professionals. PlayFlock is one of the leading Russian developers in the sphere of social games and holds strong position in the market


  • Городок (Smallville)
  • Средневековье (Middleages)
  • Звездные войны (Star Wars)
  • FriendVille
  • Робинзон (Robinson)
  • Древний Рим (Ancient Rome)
  • Пушистики (Fluffies)
  • Лунапарк (Theme park)
  • Пьяный бармен (Drunken barman)
  • Империя (Empire)


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