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The PlayStation 3 Sixaxis Controller (SCPH-98040/CECHZC1) (trademarked "SIXAXIS") was the official gamepad for the PlayStation 3 from launch until 2008, when it was succeeded by the DualShock 3 Controller.

In Japan, individual Sixaxis controllers were available for purchase simultaneously with the console's launch, without a USB to USB mini cable. The word "sixaxis" is also used to mean the motion sensitive technology in PlayStation 3 controllers. The word "Sixaxis" (contraction of "six axis" for the directional movements) is a palindrome. Sixaxis controllers can also be used on the PSP Go. using Bluetooth and can be connected by registering the system and the controller on the PlayStation 3.


At E3 2005 Sony showcased their boomerang design for the PlayStation 3's controller. Accompanied by much criticism, most of which were for its looks, this design was later abandoned. Sony later stated that the original controller "was very clearly designed as a design concept, and was never intended to be the final controller, despite what everybody said about it."

At E3 2006, Sony announced that the boomerang design had been replaced by the Sixaxis; a wireless, motion sensitive controller, similar in overall design to the DualShock 2 Controller. The controller was bundled with all new systems from launch, until the introduction of the model, which substituted the Sixaxis with the new DualShock 3 Controller which added to a vibration feature while retaining the design, features and functionality of the Sixaxis. The Sixaxis controller was later phased out and replaced by the DualShock 3 Controller completely and is no longer being produced in any region. The Sixaxis survived longest in Europe, where the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots PlayStation 3 bundle, released in Summer 2008, included a Sixaxis Controller.

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