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The PlayStation Dualshock Controller is the successor to the Dual Analog controller and was introduced in 1998. Ever since its release, it has been a huge success and has been redesigned several times into the DualShock 2, the DualShock 3, and the DualShock 4.


The PlayStation Dualshock controller has a digital/analog button in the middle in between the START and SELECT button. On the left side of the controller is an additional D-Pad while on the right side you have your Triangle, Square, Circle, and Cross buttons. Underneath these buttons are two analog sticks and on the back of the system are the L1, L2, R1, and R2 shoulder buttons with a long wire in the middle connecting to the system. This controller is only compatible with the original PlayStation.

DualShock 2

The DualShock looks and feels and basically is a lot like the original DualShock controller except the controls aren't as clunky and it only supports the PlayStation 2 and is sold in black and silver while the original DualShock only came in gray.

DualShock 3

At first sight the DualShock 3 looks once again like its predecessors except for the buttons. Sony felt that the DualShock was becoming an outdated controller so they decided to add a new PlayStation button for going back to the home menu system, and to turn the L1 and R1 sholder buttons into triggers. The DS3 is also now a wireless controller. One unusual fact is that the DS3 wasn't released at the same time at the PlayStation 3, the console it's compatible with, but was instead released in May 2008 while in the meantime the PlayStation 3 used the Sixaxis Controller.

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