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PSP Bright and Light (PSP-3000)
Manufacturer Sony
Type Handheld
Release Date October 2008
Media UMD
Save Format Save to UMD
Input Options analog stick, speakers, power switch, home button, start and select, shoulder buttons, triangle, square, circle, and cross buttons.
Special Features UMD
Units Sold Over 8000 million
Top Selling Game Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Variants PlayStation Portable
PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite
PlayStation Portable Go
PlayStation Portable Street
Competitor(s) Nintendo DS
Predecessor N/A
Successor PlayStation Portable Go (redesign)
PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Portable Bright and Light was announced at E3 2008 at Sony's Press Conference. The model number is called the PSP-3000. The PSP Bright and Light adds more features compared to the PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite. The PSP-3000 can also go up to 5 notches of brightness while the previous models could only go up to 4. The PSP-3000 is considered one of the best video-game consoles of all history.

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