Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is an adult graphic adventure game released for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer in 1994 in North America. It was produced by Kirin Entertainment.


The game takes place in Los Angeles, in the early 1990s, with John and Jane being pressured by their respective parents to find a suitable spouse. John is a plumber and Jane is going to a prospective job interview. When Jane's prospective boss attempts to rape her, John comes in and saves her.

At certain points in the game, the player has the opportunity to choose what actions John or Jane will do; making the right choices will bring the characters together, while making the wrong choices will result in commentary from the game's several narrators. If enough bad choices are made, the player is given the choice to restart the game or try and make the right choice.


The only Gameplay (interaction) is where the player gets to choose the story line (usually two choices) in a DVD menu style manner, although there is only one right choice.

A full motion video clip features Jane introducing the player to the main objective and basic rules of the game. From that point onwards the entire format is that of still photographs with actors reading dialogue. The narrator also changes once during the game, before being changed back to the original a few scenes later.

Adult content

The game was given a "17+" label for its mature sexual themes (some scenes are stated to be rated "18+"). In addition to frequent innuendos and profanity, the game features full-frontal uncensored male nudity, and bizarrely, somewhat-censored female nudity.


Critical response to the game was overwhelmingly negative. In giving the game a 15% rating, Diego Antico wrote, "It's hard to determine where Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is at its most horrendous. Is it in the pathetic music department? The graphics (or its lack thereof)? The awful gameplay?"[1] Allgame gave the game one star. The site made note of how despite it being advertised as full motion video, it was simply a slideshow.[2] In The Video Game Bible, Andy Slaven said that the "humorous" results from choosing the wrong option "can't save this title from being horrible."[3]


  • Edward J. Foster - John
  • Jeanne Basone - Jane
  • Paul Bokor - Thresher
  • Harry Armis - Narrator (male) / Jane's father


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