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Pokémon Battrio (ポケモンバトリオ Pokemon Batorio?) is a Triforce arcade video game that was announced on April 11, 2007 and released on November 21, 2007 in Japan.[1] The game requires players to move around certain pucks with Pokémon on a grid. The game is made for two player multiplayer where players will battle each other's Pokémon. Each Player can use up to three Pokémon. It is the very first Pokémon title released for arcades. It is unknown if this game will be released internationally outside of Japan.


In Pokémon Battrio, there is a focus on team-battling, not the individual Pokémon. Players have 'health bars', instead of the Pokémon. It is solely based on Battling, and has no Pokémon capturing in the game itself. All Pokémon must be bought through packs of randomly assorted pucks, which bear a resemblance to Pogs and have a picture of a Pokémon. Also if you wish to save your game, you will have to buy a save machine that cost ¥600. You plug it into the arcade game, with it you can make a character profile, save and use coins, and compete in the battle tower.

The way players position their Pokémon on the designated grid in front of the screen determines special bonuses they get. The game has been confirmed to have up to two players at a time. The cost per player is ¥100 (approx. US$1.06). It can be played alone also, against the computer opponent. Each play lasts approximately five minutes in length.


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