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Character Voices

Voice Actor Role(s)
Veronica Taylor Ash Ketchum / Delia Ketchum
Jimmy Zoppi Gary Oak / Butch of Team Rocket
Rachael Lillis Misty / Jessie of Team Rocket / Jigglypuff
Eric Stuart Brock / James of Team Rocket / Squirtle
Ted Lewis Tracey Sketchit / Giovanni / Blaine
Ikue Ohtani Pikachu
Satomi Koorogi Togepi
Maddie Blaustein Meowth of Team Rocket / Lt. Surge / Bruno of the Elite Four
Phillip Bartlett Mewtwo
Tara Jayne Ritchie / Bulbasaur
Lisa Ortiz] Sabrina
Leah Applebaum Erika
Kathleen Delaney Lorelei of the Elite Four
Stan Hart Professor Samuel Oak
Megan Hollingshead Nurse Joy / Officer Jenny / Cassidy of Team Rocket
Ken Gates Narrator / Koga

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