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Pokémon Ranger is a Pokémon game mainly involving the Stylus.


In the story, the player becomes a Pokémon Ranger, and arrives in Fall City. There is a kid asking what is in this crate and must touch it with his stylus. Then, a Plusle or a Minun depending if on the gender. Then, Spencer with a Houndoom comes and give the player a Styler. After the tutorial, the player must capture the Plusle or Minun and befriend it. Later, Spencer's Fearow flies with the player to Ringtown. There, the player becomes a Ranger. Then, a character called Larry comes bounding into the Ranger Base, saying that he lost his Taillow in Lyra Forest. Spencer assigns the player his/her first mission to go capture Larry's Taillow. Afterwards, the player must go back to the Ranger Base and give Larry his Taillow.

Pokemon Locations

Lyra Forest

Krokka Tunnel

East Road

Fall City


Dusk Factory

Kisara Plains

Jungle Relic

Olive Jungle

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