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Pokémon Red and Blue were the first ever Pokémon Games, and some consider them to be the best. This walkthrough will guide you through the story!

Pallet Town

You start the game in your house. Walk downstairs and your character's mother will tell you that you should head over to Professor Oak's Pokémon Lab. He asks you to help him complete the Pokedex by searching the region for all of them. He will give you the choice of 3 Pokémon, one of which you will travel with through the entire game. I recommend Charmander, as although you will have a bit of trouble with the water type gym, the Pokémon will be a lot weaker than in the Fire and Grass type gyms. Your rival will pick the one super effective against yours. He battles you, and it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Now it's time to head to Route 1!

There is a lot more to the game than this. Sites like IGN have complete walkthrough's. Also, most gamers actually recommend Bulbasaur as the "Easy" Pokémon to start, Squirtle as the "Medium", and Charmander as the "Hard." Charmander is fun because of the raw power it can develop, but its attacks are not as useful at first.

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