Pollux Gamelabs was a Danish game development company. It was started in May 2004 by Flemming Pedersen, later joined by 3 friends (Søren Bisgaard, Poul Køster and Michael Jensen) and in March 2005 the company moved into the IT-University. In 2006 they had expanded to 15 employees and moved into the old KUA where shared office space with mobile game company 3rd Person and edutainment game company Serious Games. In February 2007, Søren and Poul took over the company and continued development of Lost Empire.

Pollux Gamelabs focuses on turn-based strategy games. The company has recently switched to XNA as development API. An article related to this was published by Microsoft in their newsletter in 2007. Lost Empire was nominated as "Best Game of the Year" only beat by Hitman IV at the D3Expo in 2006. The second title "Lost Empire Immortals" was released by Paradox in 2008. It was based on the original, but improved by Jonas Møller, to be released march 11th, 2008. "LE:I" was nominated "Best Nordic game of 2008".

After Flemming Pedersen left the company in 2007, "disagreements" arose with the company's initial distributor Strategy First, and the company signed a new distribution deal with Swedish Paradox Interactive. Lost Empire was released the 14th of June and became the best selling full priced game for Paradox Interactive for a few weeks.

Despite early interest the company was declared bankrupt in April 2008. The development of LE:I was then taken over by volunteer bman654[1] who has put a lot of work into further development and patching.

Currently it looks like a few extra volunteers are being allowed to work on it.[2]



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