pop-pop is an embellished Arkanoid-style game. The game was originally released in 2002 by Ambrosia Software, for Mac OS X. pop-pop was entered into the MacWorld Game Hall of Fame in 2002. The version for Microsoft Windows was released the following year.


It features 7 different characters from which the player can choose as well as 100 puzzle levels. pop-pop can be played against an opponent over the Internet. The Mac OS X version of the game has unique features, such as the ability to challenge other players to duel mode on a LAN segment by making use of Apple's implementation of multicast DNS/ZeroConf, rather than having to connect to Ambrosia's own server. The game also allows for two players to sit down and play on one Mac, provided they each have a computer mouse.

Two other modes of play are available to a single player with a single copy of the game. In "versus" mode one picks a character to play and progresses through several levels playing against all of the other characters. Each character features its own special ability which hinders the opponent's progress. For example, one character throws ducks on the other playing field which force the ball into different trajectories; another drops bombs which harm the other player. "Puzzle" mode is more like traditional Breakout games, offering oddly designed puzzles in the shape of numbers, animals or rooms. Both modes offer several levels of difficulty from which to choose.

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