Poptropica is an online network, made for ages 5–15. However, millions of its players are from the age group 16-35. A new island is released every one, two, or three months. Most of its crew consists of book authors sutch as Jeff

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Common Rooms

Common Rooms are found on every island in Poptropica. They are rooms for members of Poptropica to get together, talk, play games, and more. If you click on a person, you have the option to talk, do games, or 'friend' them.


The Multiverse is a certain type of Common Room, each of them accessible only by a certain code. This way, only certain people can play together.


In the world of Poptropica, there is many islands, some undiscovered. You must travel them and end up being a hero in certain life or death situations.

Early Poptropica

In Early Poptropica, it's a very silly and weird way. You must recover the pixelated Pilgrim's items from giant spiders, giants, and more.

Shark Tooth

Shark Tooth Island is one of the more or less complicated early islands. You must defeat a shark that has been haunting an island for centuries, and rescue stranded islanders and return them to Shark Tooth Island.

Time Tangled

In Time Tangled Island, you must save the present, past, and future from a disaster. All over the time periods, certain items have ended up in the wrong places and wrong time. You must find the items and return them to their rightfull owners to fix the present and future.

24 Carrot

24 Carrot Island's specialty has gone missing-their carrots. You must go on a special mission to save the polluted island's carrots from Dr. Hare, an evil person dressed up as a bunny, who kidnapped people and put them under his control to make them work for him as he stole carrots.


In Spy Island, you must save the world from an evil organization named B.A.D., who is trying to make everybody bald. Become a spy under the directions of Director D, and stop them. However, you might meet traitors, evil fluffy dogs, captured spy agents, and B.A.D. agents along the way.

Super Powered

Super Powered Island's jail has been struck by a meteor, giving all the criminals super powers. The criminals escape jail, and it's up to you to catch the villains, and gain the ability to fly to defeat the hardest villain of all.

Nabooti (Choose You're Own Adventure)

Nabooti Island's jewels and gems have been captured. It's up to you to save the day (again) and find them and return them in a adventurous journey.

Big Nate

In Big Nate Island, it's been discovered that a time capsule is hidden somewhere on the island. You and Big Nate must find it, and give the money to the school so that Big Nate can impress a girl.

Astro Knights

In Astro Knights Island, the world has been invaded by aliens. The Princess goes into space after seeing a light, thinking it was Mordred, the islands long lost inventor. However, after she dissapears, she's claimed to be kidnapped. Was Mordred really on that planet? Was the Princess really Kidnapped? Can you travel from the Jungle Planet, Ice Planet, and Fire Planet and gather all three knights? And most important, can you defeat Binary Bard?

Counterfeit Island

In Counterfeit Island, the Scream is about to be stolen. You must become the hero and keep the Scream from being stolen-and go on a wild goose chase to find out who's been stealing art from all over the island. Can you keep the Scream from being stolen?

Reality TV

Reality TV Island was named after it's famous live competition, Reality TV. You get submitted into Reality TV, and you must compete for first place and win the grand prize, and be rewarded with the island medallion.


In Skullduggery Island, you must travel the seas as a pirate, trading loads, defeating creatures and enemies in the sea, travelling, and going through dangerous and hard quests.


Mythology Island is based on Greek mythology. You must save the world and gods from the raging of Zeus, who demands control over the gods, and will do anything to do it. Zeus will take advantadge of you so he can take over the worlds-all the other gods say you cant trust him. If you really cant trust him, you must find out how to stop him afterwards.

Great Pumpkin

In Great Pumpkin Island, you will go on a journey based on the halloween movie, Charlie and the Pumpkin Patch.


The silence of empty streets welcome you. Metal and robots fill the lonely hall, as a great mystery lurks around. Can you uncover what happened to the inhabitants of this ancient online world? Gear up for a steam powered adventure you will never forget.

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